Why is it when the dog barks all the time?

Whether in the rented apartment or outside in the yard: when a dog barks constantly, this is not only unpleasant for the dog owner, but also for all people in the immediate vicinity. What could be behind the message needs of the four-legged friend, read here.

Someone rings the doorbell or someone else walks past the property - there are many reasons why a dog barks permanently. Who wants to spare his own nerves and those of his neighbors, should quickly find out what animates the four-legged friends to his behavior. In addition, your dog may experience health problems - such as laryngitis - if he strains his vocal cords too much.

Dog barks: The breed is a very significant factor

Before purchasing a dog, each dog owner should inquire beforehand about the favored breed. Each four-legged friend has breed-typical, genetically determined properties. So there are some dogs that bark by nature a lot. Their temperament is often due to their original use: A dog, the function as a guard dog in the blood, is accordingly loud. Often enough, even the smallest sounds in the stairwell or harmless walkers passing by the yard are enough. Even small dogs, such as the Spitz, usually have a pronounced territorial behavior and make noise to assert themselves against larger conspecifics or strangers. The Jack Russell Terrier and the Pug are also more of the more "talkative" breeds.

The characteristics of your four-legged friend and the environment should match. Dogs with a very strong urge to move are not in good hands in a small rental apartment and rarely enough. The result: constant barking. Of course, with the appropriate education and some training, you can work on the behavior of your belligerent four-legged success. Tips can be found in our guide "How to stop your dog from constantly barking". However, you can bet on calmer minds from the beginning. Thus, the Labrador and the Great Dane are quite relaxed and, despite their size, even suitable for housing - assuming long walks and appropriate work.

Underchallenging can be a cause for barking

Not only the race affects the behavior of a four-legged friend. Basically every dog ​​can be under-challenged or want more attention. Loud, unwanted barking is then often the valve for frustration. Reasons can be too little exercise, too frequent and loneliness and too few activities for the head. Find out as soon as possible what your beloved four-legged friend is missing for a balanced life. This is the only way to ensure a harmonious coexistence and your neighbors are happy too.

If the dog barks out of fear constantly

Even fear is a race-independent cause for constant barking. If your four-legged friend does this, when you leave the apartment or the house, there can be a great separation anxiety behind it. Also, bad experiences that your fur nose may have made in the past may lead to excessive barking and need to be gently weaned off with proper, professional training.

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