How your dog best recovers after anesthesia

Your dog had to undergo surgery under anesthetic? With the right care and aftercare, he soon gets well. After bringing your patient back to their own four walls, he needs above all love, warmth and tranquility.

It's possible that if you see your dog on anesthesia after waking up, you'll be startled at first. He looks dazed, beaten and shaky on his legs. However, with the right help, he can easily survive this phase.

Before you go home: write down instructions from the doctor

After surgery, your dog is usually in an adjoining room to wake up quietly from anesthesia. The veterinarian often uses this recovery phase to give you as a keeper important instructions for the days or weeks after the operation. Perhaps you are still very worried about the animal patient at that moment and are nervous. Quick as one or the other important information slip through.

Despite the circumstances, try to listen and write down all the things the vet tells you. Then you know exactly what to look for in the diet in the next few days. Also on medication and its dosage, the veterinarian comes in and gives you general tips on how your favorite is quickly back on the paws. For safety's sake, it's best to have a phone number below which you can reach a veterinarian outside office hours in an emergency.

From anesthesia to sick bay

After every operation: Give your four-legged friend a lot of love and warmth at home. Avoid stress, excitement and anger. The right sickbed contributes a lot to recovery. Thick cushions or blankets provide warmth and coziness. Also, you can think about a heat lamp on the dog basket, taking care that it does not get too hot. The sickbay should be on the floor as your dog may move unsteadily after anesthesia and otherwise fall.

When it comes to dog food and water, as with everything else, you follow the instructions of your doctor. If you are unsure about a follow-up, you may want to ask too much rather than too little at the vet.

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