How do I discover diabetes?

In the meantime, an estimated eight million Germans suffer from type II diabetes, the diabetes. Experts suggest that there are so many who have not yet recognized their illness.

How do you recognize that you suffer from type 2 diabetes?

The dangerous thing about type II diabetes is that at the beginning you do not notice that you are sick. Increased blood glucose levels do not hurt as much as high blood pressure.

However, the late and consequential damages of diabetes are serious: undetected and untreated diabetes for years can lead to organ damage and circulatory disorders. It is all the more important to recognize diabetes as early as possible. We tell you what signs of diabetes type 2 disease can be and when diabetes is at risk.

There is often a feeling of increased thirst, associated with frequent water and fatigue. Risk factors for the development of diabetes type 2 are existing diseases in close relatives and obesity.

For early detection, blood glucose tests and special insulin resistance tests (HOMA and Quick Index) should be performed in addition to measuring physician blood sugar.

These are important because the blood sugar level can be in the normal range for a long time, although the insulin level is already greatly increased and thus indicates a diabetes risk. Let the doctor check your values.

Limits of individual indicators from which a type 2 diabetes may be present:

  • Body mass index: over 25
  • Fasting blood sugar: over 120 mg / dl
  • HbA1c values: over 6.5%
  • Triglycerides: over 200

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