Whippet: Right attitude for the active dog

Who wants to offer the Whippet a species-appropriate attitude, needs two things above all: time for his affectionate pet and desire to make long, long walks with him, where he can let off steam.

The Whippet is by and large an uncomplicated dog. How much space he has in the apartment is far less important to him than being able to practice his urge to move regularly and often.

The Whippet: A dog that likes to run

As a greyhound the sporty Whippet is of course a huge fan of long walks. Who chooses routes with him, on which he can race to his heart's content, makes this four-legged friend very happy and ensures that he is calm and relaxed in the apartment.

He is very happy when he occasionally hisses over a field or along the beach - if his people feel like making frequent trips with him, he is satisfied. If your dog has a hunting instinct, you should, of course, keep a good eye on him.

More tips for the attitude

Inside, the Whippet likes warm, cozy places and cuddles with its owners, because he is very sociable. Since he is affectionate and sensitive, he must not be left alone too much. Plenty of games and visits to the dog course or a dog sport such as agility are also in his spirit.

Although the Whippet is a robust dog, its delicate stature and short, thin coat make it very sensitive to cold. For cold rainy days and the winter, he should therefore get a special warming dog blanket and have a nice warm place after the walk.

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