When old cats are no longer housebroken

With very old cats, it sometimes happens that they no longer go to the litter box from one day to the next: The animals are suddenly no longer housebroken. Why that is, and what you can do in such a case, read here.

When cats reach old age, they may suffer from old age just as we humans do. The four-legged friends then have a greater need for rest than before, their sense of orientation and their ability to remember leave them again and again in the lurch. Some animals suddenly become more anxious and aggressive, mumble noticeably much and forget things that were otherwise taken for granted, such as where the litter box is. Of course, there may be other reasons why an old cat is not housebroken:

If the cat is no longer housebroken: first to the vet

It may well be that your old cat does not suffer from old age, but only caught a virus. Also, kidney failure, hormonal disorders or diabetes occur more often in older cats and can cause cats are suddenly no longer housebroken. Be sure to go to the veterinarian if your cat is no longer on the litter tray, and let them examine and treat them thoroughly.

If the cause is actually old age, they can do a lot to make life easier for you and your cat.

Tips for everyday life with senior cats

Your cat has given you many years of joy, now it is your turn to make it as easy as possible for your old days. First of all, check with a veterinarian if medication or Bach flower remedies for cats can make your everyday life easier for cats because the inaccurate orientation can be quite stressful for cats.

To make it easier to get to the litter box, you should not set it up too far from your favorite spot and possibly set up extra litter boxes so they do not have to walk that far. Take good care that your old tomb tiger can always walk undisturbed on the litter box - sometimes younger ones like to tend to make their life a bit difficult.

If something goes wrong, you can clean the stains with vinegar water or special funds from the pet shop. Only ammoniacal agents should not be taken, because the smell seduces cats like to confuse the thus cleaned place from now on often with the litter box.

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