Which cat breeds feel comfortable in the apartment?

Not everyone can offer their velvet paw clearance. But some cat breeds are wonderful for the attitude in the apartment and do not miss the garden.

Some cat breeds are so enterprising and active that they become unhappy without clearance. Others, however, are considered quiet, frugal minds who can also have a great time inside the apartment.

These cat breeds like to take it easy

Most western cat breeds are more comfortable personalities. For example, the Scottish Fold Shorthair or the British Shorthair (BKH) are generally well kept in the home. This also applies to the cuddly Ragdoll cat or the elegant Russian blue. The sweet Choupette by Karl Lagerfeld as a sacred Birman cat also belongs to the Flauschknäueln suitable for flats.

In addition, you can get used to the Persian cat, the Turkish Angora and the meek Maine Coon cat to the pure housing attitude.

Occupying velvet paw in the apartment

Even if the mentioned cat breeds feel comfortable without clearance, they need employment and society. If you often have to leave your fur nose alone during the day, you should therefore set a playmate by your side. In the garden, the velvet paws could meet with fellow species from the neighborhood, but home cats do not have this opportunity.

A great scratching post with climbing possibilities, cuddly caves, sleep wells and viewing platforms is part of it, so that your fur noses can discover and experience much in the apartment. Moreover, the tiger tigers know a cozy spot on the windowsill and maybe appreciate an occasional trip to the secure balcony.

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