Why cats ignore their people

Dogs (in most cases) listen to their owners when called. Cats often ignore the calls of their owners. But why is that? Does that really mean that your velvet paw does not like you? Find out more here.

To clarify the most important thing in advance: Your cat will most likely not ignore you because she does not like you. Your velvet paw recognizes you by your voice and also takes your call true - but still decides against reacting or even coming to you. What sounds illogical at first, explains the story of the cats.

Cats deliberately ignore their owners

According to a study by the University of Tokyo, domestic cats can hear the calls of their owners and distinguish them from other voices. At the same time, however, the whiskers often deliberately choose to ignore these calls. If you have a particularly good relationship with your tiger tiger, there is a greater chance for a reaction - for example, some cats react with meows or even run to the owner.

Do not blame the lack of reaction

But do not worry - the Miez's failure to respond is not based on her having a problem with you. The whole thing has a completely different background: cats were historically never trimmed to respond to shouts. Quite different is the case of dogs trained for centuries to obey calls and orders.

It's best to see the positives of this cat behavior: if your velvet paw actually reacts once, if you call them - maybe even come running to you - then that's a great reward. Basically, you should take your cat as it is, and never be disappointed or sad if she disobeys you. That nature has simply not yet provided.

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