Transport boxes for dogs

Small, large, made of plastic or fabric: If you are looking for a transport box for your dog, you are spoiled for choice. Here we would like to introduce you to some models.

1. Available in different sizes: A lightweight and practical model

This model is simple and very easy to carry. The transport box is made of sturdy nylon and can be opened on three sides. It is easy to clean, available in four different sizes, and through the mesh inserts your pet gets in it enough fresh air.

2. For small dogs and for cats: Sturdy plastic version

This transport box is made of plastic and is a faithful companion when traveling. It is equipped with a metal door that can be secured with a snap closure, and it contains a cup and storage compartments. Practical: If you wish, you can also order a wheelset.

3. Trunk suitable: Car transport box with extra-large opening

This transport box is particularly well suited for car trips, because their bevelled shape makes them easily stowable in the boot. It is available in three sizes and has an extra large opening at the front, which makes it easier for your dog to get in and out.

4. For dog lovers: Alubox with room for two

You have two dogs? Luckily, there are also transport boxes for several dogs. This one is made of aluminum, is light and has two doors to get in. Also, it has a bevelled shape that fits optimally in the trunk, and is therefore very convenient.

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