Tips for keeping a Turkish angora

The beautiful Turkish Angora is a smart, sociable cat. Of course, this should also be considered in the attitude of the long-haired Stubentiger. You should pay particular attention to these things in the care.

Overall, the Turkish Angora is a relatively easy-care cat. The beautiful Orientalin belongs to the Langhaarkatzen - with the attitude in the flat their fur needs however not too much care expenditure. Also in character, the velvet paw is very sociable. As long as you pay enough attention to her and do not leave her alone too much, she'll be happy soon.

Attitude: Best for two

To keep a Turkish Angora as a housing cat, is usually easily possible. Her urge to move is rather strong on average. But it is very important that the fluffy cat has company. That may be one or more conspecifics - but also regular attention of "their" people is very important in the attitude of the Turkish Angora. The cat is intelligent and social - so she needs regular play. Try her intelligence toy for her - it will be fun for her, and at the same time she will demand her skill.

Care of the Turkish Angora

The beautiful Stubentiger is equipped with a long coat, but brushing is usually sufficient for the care. He lacks the undercoat, which often leads to felting in many other cats. Brushing and brushing twice a week is a good guideline for caring for the friendly velvet paw.

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