Symptoms: How to Recognize Depression in Cats

Even your velvet paw can do something so badly that it develops depression. Recognizing the symptoms is not always easy - especially if you have a quiet, peaceful gait.

While the causes of depression in cats can be very diverse, the symptoms of the mental disorder are quite consistent: the otherwise so lively, playful Miez suddenly withdraws. You can tell that she has lost her vitality. Check with your veterinarian if there may be a physical illness behind it - otherwise the following symptoms may be signs of depression.

When the velvet paw withdraws

Depressed cats usually want to have little to do with their environment. They "hook themselves in, " as psychologists would say in humans. Many velvet paws have an even greater need for sleep than usual, are barely eliciting from their cat caves. Even the own Fressnapf is becoming increasingly uninteresting. If the cat does not eat, it may indicate depression - especially if your stub tiger has always had a big appetite. Other symptoms include general listlessness and fatigue: mouse hunt, race through the apartment and the game with humans - in all these things, a depressive cat is usually no longer interested.

Physical symptoms of depression in cats

But cats not only respond psychologically but also physically to depression. Many velvet paws, for example, suddenly neglect their grooming, the fur becomes dull and matted in the worst case even. In general, depressive velvet paws become very careless when it comes to hygiene: Suddenly, they no longer use their litter box, but relieve themselves in other places in the apartment. However, the symptoms of depression in cats can also include other illnesses: When the kitty's soul is attacked, it often becomes more susceptible to illnesses such as a cold or digestive problems.

How exactly the treatment of depression in cats looks depends very much on the trigger of the mental disorder. Both a veterinarian and a cat psychologist can help you with the cause.

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