Sture dogs: Which dog breeds are obstinate?

Some dog breeds are said to be particularly obstinate. Quickly they are called stubborn dogs, even though they are not disobedient in malicious defiance. The four-legged friends in the following list usually have their own head - but are nevertheless (or because of it) very lovable.

As soon as four-legged friends do not obey, they are considered "stubborn dogs", it is because of misunderstandings in the human-dog communication and Erziehungsfehler when dogs seem obstinate. However, some dog breeds need more consistent education and incentives than others to listen to the commands of their favorite people.

Beagle are often stubborn

The beagle was bred as a hunting and seal dog; his main task was and is - if he is used for hunting - to follow independently on a track and drive back together with his beagle friends the spoils to the hunter. This instinct is also in the blood of the four-legged friends, who are kept as family dogs. Therefore, you must express particularly clear, unambiguous commands at the Beagle and practice them consistently.

In addition, he needs enough capacity, for example with nose work, obedience or other dog sports and intelligence games. It is important that you challenge and encourage him both physically and mentally, otherwise he can actually become a stubborn dog. The good thing is: Beagle are usually averse to any edible delicacy and can be wonderfully bribed with treats.

Dachshund: Small dog breed with great self-confidence

Dachshunds were also bred for hunting; they were supposed to track down foxes and badgers, invade their buildings, and scare them there so the hunter could kill the animals. In addition, dachshunds, such as beagle, track tracks independently. In their tasks, it is advantageous to be stubborn, since humans can not help them to track a track and in the fox or badger and the dog must make their own decisions. The term "stubborn dogs" can therefore also be a compliment.

This means that dachshunds still make their own decisions today if they do not receive clear instructions from their people. However, with hardness, you do not get far with the little "stubborn heads", but help - you can not say it often enough - loving consequence and positive reinforcement. In addition, dachshunds get bored and come up with "stupid thoughts" if you do not employ them appropriately. Like the beagle, a dachshund also appreciates nose work and obedience training.

English Bulldog tends to "stubbornness"

English bulldogs are actually very sweet, good-natured dogs. They are difficult to bring out of the rest and like to take it easy. Conversely, this means that you also have to be patient and persistent in the education of fur noses, otherwise bulldogs are stubborn dogs. Convince your bulldog that it is worth your while to follow your orders - but be sparing with treats when choosing the reward, as the dogs tend to be overweight.

Are Chihuahuas stubborn dogs?

The Chihuahua is easily underestimated for its small size and cute appearance. As a result, he is not required according to his intelligence, curiosity and comprehension. In addition, many tend to put too few limits on the self-confident little guy, because he is so cute and cuddly. Chihuahuas also tend to tie themselves tightly to their favorite people and demand appropriate attention from them.

Often, therefore, it happens that the sweet freaks perform very jealously when their heart-man directs his attention to someone else or something other than the chihuahua. Stubborn dogs are the small fur noses but still not necessarily. They just need more love, patience and consistency than other dog breeds that are less headstrong, and plenty of employment - agility, dog dancing and other dog sports make them fun and they also like to learn various tricks.

Jack Russell Terriers have their own will

The Jack Russell Terrier belongs as well as the Dachshund, Beagle and other Terriers to the dog breeds, which were originally bred for the hunt. They were always expected to think and decide for themselves, so they first have to learn to listen to their human beings. Although terriers are obstinate, they are very happy to learn and can inspire for a variety of dog sports and tricks. It takes time and commitment, but those who are willing to use both and engage with these great four-legged friends will be rewarded with a loyal, faithful companion.

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