Are potatoes toxic to cats?

Some cats have unusual culinary preferences, for example potatoes. But are not the tubers poisonous for your cat? Find out more here.

First of all, do not feed your cat mainly with potatoes. For a healthy diet cats need meat. Potatoes lack important nutrients that your cat desperately needs. A small potato snack in between, however, is usually not toxic, provided you cook the vegetables beforehand.

Raw potatoes are poisonous for cats

Your cat probably will not eat raw potatoes anyway. For safety's sake, you should make sure that she does not even have the opportunity. Raw potatoes are poisonous, both for cats and for us humans. This is due to the contained solanin poison, which can lead to vomiting, diarrhea or stomach cramps. Solanine poisoning can also be associated with symptoms such as confusion and disorientation. In cats, unlike humans, small amounts of solanine are enough to cause symptoms of intoxication.

Cooked potatoes in moderation are safe

Many cats are happy about a cat treats from potatoes. However, you should only feed the tubers in moderation. Otherwise your kitty will be permanently lacking important nutrients if it mainly eats potatoes. However, there is nothing wrong with an occasional gift.

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