Loft insulation - at what cost you will have to expect for different insulation work

Depending on whether you use your attic as a storage room or as a living space or whether you are currently renovating your roof different options for insulation in the attic area to choose from. With which costs you have to expect for the different Dämmmaßnahmen, and which factors are thereby price-determining, you will learn in detail in our contribution including sample.

Cost comparison in the example

Have your attic ever inspected by an energy consultant or another competent specialist. So you can be sure that the thermal insulation is optimally planned and sufficient, but also not oversized. If you are a little above the required minimum, that's enough. Let the expert always calculate what costs pay for themselves and when, and so you can better estimate what makes sense for you. Passive house standard is not always automatically economically sensible.
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