Product Test: Enell Sport Bra

A big bosom can be quite stressful during sports - whether aerobics, tennis or jogging. From Enell there is a special sports bra for women with large bust size.

We have tested for you what the sports bra from Enell holds - in the truest sense of the word. But first a few words about the Enell bra and sport with big breast size itself: There are plenty of sports bras in the normal sports shop, but for women with large bust size, the offered cup sizes are often either too small or large sizes offer too little grip.

If sport is practiced without a well supporting bra for a big bust, a heavier load is applied to the back and the intervertebral disc. The connective tissue of the breast also suffers. Especially in sports where jumping or jumping movements are part of the movement, such as running, jogging, tennis, badminton, volleyball or aerobics.

The Enell Sport Bra has been specially designed for all women with large bust size.

The Enell sizes range from 00 to 8, a distinction is made to cup size (B to H), breast and underbust circumference. The variety enables a very tailor-made selection.

The bra is made of Naturexx material, which ensures optimal moisture transfer. The Enell sports bra is quite large at first glance and does not look very sexy. But he should also win no beauty award, but support.

The bra is reminiscent of a bodice, offers by its size, as well as by the extra wide straps, particularly good grip. Getting dressed is a bit more complicated than with traditional sports bras because around 10 hooks must be closed at the front. Once you have done that, you can start packing well. We tested the bra during a 45 minute jogging session.

At the beginning the bra feels a bit tight over the chest. But after the first few meters you got used to it. The tight fit convinces, the material hardly stretches and it wobbles despite the bouncing movements while jogging nothing.

After the 45 minutes of jogging, nothing had slipped, everything was firmly in place as before, without cutting or leaving marks. The concerns about the inner, visible and tactile seams also proved unfounded. It did not scratch or pinch anything.

Especially for women with a cup size from C or D and larger, the Enell Sport BH is recommended. Only dressing is a bit more complicated in this model, but it will be rewarded with an excellent support function.

You can order the Enell Sport bra at It costs 56 euros and is available in the colors black, white, beige, pink and turquoise. Since the fit of the bra is very special and it is not exactly cheap, it is recommended to try it on before you buy it. So you avoid that check mark or inseam rub or sports bra too tight or too far.

Who has an intermediate size, by the way, can order a custom-made for an additional charge of 15 €.

Enell sports bra raffle!

The best as always at the end: A reader can win an Enell sports bra! To participate in the raffle *, simply send an e-mail to [email protected] with the subject "Enell Sport BH", as well as your name, your address and your Enell bra size (here Enell BH determine size). Closing date is 18.11.2009, 10:00 clock.

* The winner will be determined under the correct entries by lot and named after the conclusion of the competition round in the forum. The profit is sent by the manufacturer. The legal process is excluded. Your email address will not be disclosed to third parties or used for other promotional purposes.

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