Paving stones Muschelkalk buy cheap

Muskelkalk belongs together with the travertine to the limestones and is a proven building material. In many churches and castles, shell limestone is found and proves its long durability. And if you do not like the patina for many years, you can easily sand the shell limestone.

Origin determines basic color

Depending on the area of ​​discovery, the proportions of the millions of years old mussels vary with other fossilized constituents such as plant stalks or the simplest animal marine inhabitants with few cells. Accordingly different are the colors of the cobblestones made of shell limestone, which, however, all move in the color spectrum from light gray to beige. By working the surfaces, the optics can be changed, but the basic coloration depends on the mining area. For example, Fränkischer Muschelkalk is gray, while mining around the Danube produces beige shades. A special feature are included fossils in the cobblestone cobblestones, which are sometimes found in. Surface treatment by rolling, sawing, sticking or drumming can give the cobblestones antique looks. It always remains a natural-looking rough surface character with low gloss effect.

Low price range

In contrast to other natural rocks, the prices of shell limestone paving stones are almost always between two and three hundred euros per tonne, the same as for medium quality granite. Good overviews of cobblestone from shell limestone and their visual appearance through the different processing methods can be found on the Internet pages,, and The relatively small fluctuations in the price of materials are also the result of the large deposits and the usually low cost of mining in the quarries. The main mining areas in Germany are Thuringia, Lower Franconia and central Baden-Württemberg. In addition, there are smaller mining areas wherever the sea is or was. The appearance and the types of use of paving stones from shell limestone can be examined in Germany, among others, in the castle Sanssouci and in the government district Berlin.

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