Linen guide: This is how you get your dog on a leash

Collar and leash are not natural for the dog, but without it is no longer possible today. If you want to get your dog on the leash, you should take these useful tips to heart.

Before you begin training to guide you, you should use your dog well, so that he is calm and concentrated. Leash your dog in a good mood in the usual atmosphere at home and praise him as soon as he wears the dog collar.

Preparation: Put on the collar

Signal your four-legged friend that the collar is a good thing and give him time to get used to it. Tip: Start a great game right away and give your dog a treat as soon as you put the collar down. Then finish the game and remove the collar immediately. Repeat this several times. Your dog ties the connection between play / joy and collar at best. If you use a dog harness, you can do the same.

It is also important that you use the right equipment. The collar should be rather wide, because it chooses less. It must not get caught without a stop! More tips on the topic's in the guide "dog harness or collar: What's better?

Get used to the dog on a leash: step by step

Once you have put on the collar with the leash, you can start. First, adjust to the pace of your puppy, so that the leash sags loose. If he does not want to leave, stop and lure him with a "come" or his name. Also, you can use a treat as a bait and progress gradually. Be patient and do not put pressure on your four-legged friend. Patience is the alpha and omega in dog training.

If your dog storms ahead, stop as well and show your hunter that this is not possible. Then turn around and go in a different direction. If he rushes ahead again, repeat the procedure. Very important: As soon as your dog walks casually beside or in front of them, praise and reward him profusely, so that he feels that this behavior is right.

Train the line guide only briefly

Be careful not to make the training sessions too long. If you get your dog on a leash, especially puppies, you should not do this for more than 15 minutes, because the four-legged friends will probably not be able to concentrate afterwards. Always release the dog leash only when your dog is walking. In general, you should always practice only when your dog is busy and you are in a good mood, so as not to transmit bad mood to the fur nose.

Special tips on how to get a puppy on the leash, see the guidebook "Puppies get used to a dog collar: tips.

Tips against leash pulling in the dog

If your four-legged friend is permanently on a leash and almost strangles himself with his collar, you should try it with a dog harness. Your animal companion brakes itself in it. In addition, the sensitive cervical spine and the larynx are no longer so heavily loaded. Another effective tip against leash pulling is a slight punishment by interrupting something pleasurable. Your pet moves to get to his destination as soon as possible. Show him that he does not make that progress.

Stop and do not move on until the leash is loose. Often you can easily change direction abruptly. So your dog quickly gets used to having to accept the leash and watch your movement. For more tips on exactly this topic, see the guide "What to do if the dog constantly pulls on a leash?"

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