Cat's senses: Do cats have a sense of time?

Sometimes it seems like cats actually have a sense of time and know exactly what time it is. For example, in the morning, when the velvet paws patter on the bed on time, a few minutes before the alarm rings, to wake up their masters or mistresses.

But do cats really know what time it is? Does your sense of time correspond to people's sense of time and duration? The answer is yes.

Cats and their inner clock

People usually pay close attention to the hours, minutes, and seconds that appear on the clock, and then follow it. Their intuitive sense of time, the inner clock, usually runs unconsciously in humans. For example, in the morning when the alarm goes off, you may not have slept well in the morning. This is because your inner clock is still set to "sleep", but you have to get up at a certain time to be on time at work.

Cats do not have to be punctual and do not have to stick to schedules. Therefore, you can fully live according to your intuitive sense of time. However, this can not be measured in hours, minutes and seconds, but depends on events and lighting conditions.

Routine is important for the sense of time

The sense of time of cats can therefore not be translated into exact times. Lunch time is not 12:00 pm for Miezis, but when they get their lunch. If you feed your cat in the morning every morning after getting up and leave it behind afterwards, the fur nose of this ritual will remember after a while and connect it with other events or lighting conditions that typically occur at the same time. She sees, for example, the dawn or the sunrise and remembers that she gets then cat food and afterwards makes a walk in the garden.

In this way, cats can remember when their favorite people come home from work, when play hour is announced or when it's time to cuddle. Deviations from the daily routine irritate the velvet paws immensely, as they contradict their sense of time. This is the case, for example, if you want to sleep late at the weekend. Your cat does not understand this and is confused if you do not place her in the morning at the usual time the filled bowl and then open the door.

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