Katzenkabinett in Amsterdam: Holiday tip for cat lovers

Are you a big cat lover and just want to make holiday plans? Then you should definitely visit the Katzenkabinett in Amsterdam. The unusual museum is all about the velvet paws and is therefore an absolute must-see for all true cat fans.

Behind the imposing façade of a canal house dating back to 1667 lies the cat cabinet of Amsterdam: The highlight: Since 1990, this unusual museum has been presenting only exhibits that deal with cats - represented by well-known artists such as Pablo Picasso, Rembrandt, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec or Corneille. Whether sculptures, paintings or books - the role of the cat is shown over time in art and culture. A paradise for cat lovers and thus a hot tip for the next vacation.

Cats and art?

The cat cabinet was built in the 90s by Bob Meijer, a wealthy Dutchman, who wanted to preserve the memory of his cat in this way. John Pierpont Morgan (named after the American financier JP Morgan) was the red cat who lived from 1966 to 1983. The cat cabinet is not only a real insider tip for tourists and cat lovers who are on holiday in Amsterdam, but also for museum fans: a few years ago even a catalog was published, which is now considered a collector's item.

The cat cabinet over time

The "KattenKabinet", the Dutch name, is located in a villa in Herengracht 497 in Amsterdam. The house was built in 1667 by the brothers William and Adrian van Loon, later inhabited, inter alia, Amsterdam Mayor Jan Calkoen. In 1985, the building was extensively restored. While the lower floor with five rooms is dedicated to cat lovers, the homeowner lives with his family on the second floor. The classically furnished Beletage of the Katzenkabinet is in itself a real eye-catcher: The ballroom dates back to around 1750 and is decorated with a crystal chandelier and wall appliqués. The music room was designed around 1870 and presents beautiful ceiling paintings. In 2004, the building even served as a location for the Hollywood movie "Ocean's Twelve". Incidentally, five fur noses are part of the inventory and live in the house.

Opening hours and prices

If you want to take a look at the cat cabinet during your holiday in Amsterdam, you should bring some time, because only the large library with all its books invites to a slightly longer stay. Opening hours, prices and possible benefits for groups can be found on the website of the Katzkababinet, which is also available in English.

Lets go!

With its extensive collection of thematically matching exhibits, the Katzenkabinett in Amsterdam not only offers a special experience for museum lovers in general, but also for big and small cat lovers - the ideal tip for your holiday.

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