Cat Education: You should avoid these mistakes

If you want to relieve or teach a few things to your baby, a few mistakes may creep unnoticed in the cat training. The most common we would like to describe below.

A very important point in cat training is that you are clear about your goals right from the start. What should your cat learn? What can she and what not? Once you have clearly defined your goals, you should follow them consistently and gently.

Common mistake in cat training: Lack of consistency

Not only your pet, you too should follow the rules that you have set. For example, if you do not want your cat to scratch the wallpaper, it will not help her if you let her ignore the rule in between. The command "No" means "No", by each member of the family.

Also waiting too long is a common mistake: the reaction to a misconduct should always come immediately, otherwise the cat can not assign it. You should be consistent, but not too hard on your cat.

Avoid mistakes and educate cats without stress

Cats are very sensitive animals that can not be reached by force. When dealing too hard, a cat loses not only the desire to behave well, but also the confidence in its owner. Cats should not be beaten, jailed or shouted. As a result, they would be scared and get used to unwanted behavior.

Keeping the peace and treating the cat lovingly is worth gold in cat training. No matter what you want to teach your cat: It always works best if you praise them for their good behavior and prevent their unwanted behavior consistently, but non-violently.

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