Feed cats with light food: recipes

If you want to feed cats with light food, you can easily do it yourself with the help of some recipes. So he can make sure that the sick cat really only gets the food and additives that are good for her.

Gastrointestinal diseases, age-related frugality or stress: If the stub tiger his normal food may not taste, or he can not stand, the vet often advises to light food. The ingredients for the recipes can be found in every supermarket.

When does a cat need light food?

A cat may need a diet for a variety of reasons, such as during illness or recovery from illness or surgery. Often a disease or congestion of the gastrointestinal tract is one reason. Common causes of diet are:

• Vomiting

• Diarrheal diseases

• Stomach pain

• loss of appetite

• After operations

• During or after illnesses

• Overworked gastrointestinal tract

Light food for the cat: Ingredients and their effect

Especially with diarrheal diseases or vomiting, a low-irritant diet is the best choice. Suitable ingredients include:

• Chicken and turkey: Easily digestible

• Low-fat fish, for example salmon

• Apples: when grated, the pectins contained in the apple bind liquid

• Carrots: If they are boiled for a long time and then mashed, they trap pathogens in the intestine.

Cat has diarrhea: what kind of diet food?

Turkey and lean chicken are good for your cat if it is to have gentle feed. This meat is particularly easy to digest once cooked and carefully freed from bone and fat. If the cat has or had diarrhea, a little grated and peeled apple or soft boiled, mashed carrots can also help.

Recipes for homemade cat food

Most cats love chicken. Boil it in water without spices, remove fat, skin and bones, and cut into small pieces to serve to your pet. Even easier to digest is pureed poultry meat. If the cat has diarrhea, you can add a little grated apple or carrot puree and mix it with some light salted broth from the health food store. It helps restore your cat's lost minerals.

Feed the light food in small portions throughout the day and always room warm. Make sure that there are no hard-to-digest ingredients in the food, ie not too hard pieces, not too much fat and no raw food except grated apple. In addition, the light food should always be crushed heavily, be best pureed. Always provide the cat with enough water. If you like, you may also drink some broth. Always talk to your veterinarian if there is any uncertainty, and if you do not want to cook for yourself, you can also give them finished light food.

Attention! If your cat suffers from a chronic condition such as organ weakness, she needs special food from the veterinarian; Diet alone is not enough in this case and is only temporarily useful for acute indigestion.

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