Successfully educating cats: Important basic rules

Successfully educating cats is not always easy, but the best basis for a harmonious and stress-free living together. A few important rules can help you make parenting as sensible and cat-friendly as possible.

If you want to educate your cat, you should first set up rules that heed all family members from now on. Do not ask too much about your cat. Although it has to adhere to rules, it needs enough space and opportunities to be able to let off steam and employ it.

A housing cat, whose small territory consists only of taboo zones, will probably no longer keep a rule out of sheer frustration. Be fair and pay attention to the free space of your cat when laying down the rules.

Successfully educating cats: consistency and patience

Once you've set the rules, it's important that your cat get used to it right from the start and without exception. Be consistent! A cat who is not allowed to jump on the kitchen table should never, even if she is alone at home.

That means in case of doubt, that you have to close the kitchen door during this time. A cat remembers every exception and does not understand why she should scratch the wallpaper once and not once. So every time you catch your cat in the act, say no! and put them away. It is best to offer her a more attractive alternative.

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