Shoo away cat with harmless home remedies

With some home remedies, you can scare away a cat without hurting it. For even a very animal-loving person might not want the neighbors from the neighborhood to roam around in their own garden.

The little freedivers know no boundaries. Free-roaming cats do not stop at fences and do their business over and over again where they should not. For example, the children's vegetable patch or sandbox serves as an unofficial litter box. Even if you're an animal lover, this fact will probably make you smile, and that's understandable. Therefore, use home remedies that keep the little bully away, but no danger to them.

Cats do not like strong odors

Cloves, garlic and spicy spices like pepper just smell too bad for an odor-sensitive cat. The velvet paws usually sniff the floor first before doing their business. If the scent of one of the home remedies then finds its way into the bed, it will most likely put the unwanted visitor to flight. Apple cider vinegar is supposed to have the same effect and can even be distributed even better at various spots on the property. It is best to choose the area where you will repeatedly discover the legacy of the cat.

Home remedies for two birds with one stone

If you are a coffee drinker, coffee grounds even kill three birds with one stone: the aroma is also among the most unattractive odors in the animals and keeps them away from the garden. Coffee grounds are an ideal fertilizer for your soil and will do your job well. And last but not least, they also reduce your household waste because the waste product from coffee-making does not end up in the garbage can, but in the bed.

Even the smell of harp shrub is said to scare cats out of the garden. The plant, which therefore has the ugly name "Piss-off-Plant", is not poisonous, but contains essential oils that the little strays do not like. Another advantage: You enhance your garden with harp shrubs visually, because the plants are extremely pretty to look at.

Shoo cats away with water

Water is not the favorite element of cats anyway. Is it then suddenly and unexpectedly sprayed from a spray can - certainly not. Although this method requires a bit of perseverance and patience, who wants to come back when there's a cold shower every time? As a home remedy against the release, water is relatively harmless and worth a try.

Here is a "Try on Studying" to find the most effective home remedy to scare away the cat. Because all animals also develop their own aversions; so not all cats are afraid of water. Incidentally, there is not always a stray velvet paw behind the small pile behind your house: even marten and hedgehog like to leave a small greeting from the gut.

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