Cat escaping: what to do?

If your cat has escaped, you should first do one thing: keep calm. There are a few ways you can find your wanderer again. Here are tips for proper behavior.

First of all: Most of the escaped baby tigers will reappear after a short time, so there is no reason to panic. Nevertheless, you should of course take some measures to find your cat again. The first step is to thoroughly search the apartment and the surrounding area. Maybe the missing one just hid - cats are very well versed in making themselves invisible.

Cat escaping: the first action

After the apartment and the immediate environment have been searched for the runaway freewheeler, you can extend the search radius. Get your neighbors on board if possible. Maybe someone has seen something. Tip: If you're out there looking for your kitty, bring an item that makes familiar noises to your velvet paw, such as a pack of treats or a cat toy she loves. Your cat may react better to usual noises than to shouts. In any case, you should also pick up the phone and contact the local animal shelter. There is a possibility that your velvet paw was found and left there.

Wanted poster increases the chances: Many eyes see more

If the first searches are unsuccessful, you should think about profiles. You can create one easily and quickly on the computer. Included should be your concern ("MISSING"), name and description of the cat as well as your phone number. In addition, a photo is particularly important, on which your Miez is clearly visible. If all attempts remain in vain, there is still the call to the police - many finders of a stray cat bring them first to the law enforcement officers.

Prevention tip: In the best case, have your cats chipped - or they still have a tattoo in their ear. If a chipped or tattooed cat has escaped and is found, a veterinarian can clearly identify who owns the velvet paw.

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