Keep cat as a freezer: advantages and disadvantages

Whether you keep your cat as a free-lance or educate to a cozy tomb tiger is an important question. There are advantages and disadvantages that you should weigh up against each other before you decide for or against a regular run for your velvet paw.

The question of whether you should consider your cat as a free-lance or not, in the end turns to a personal decision on your part and the balance between the advantages and disadvantages. Basically, it's about deciding what's more important: giving the cat a freewheeling load and giving it the benefits of a more natural open-air lifestyle or protecting it from the dangers of the big wide world.

Cat as a freezer: benefits thanks to utilization

Basically, it is in the nature of the cat to go hunting outside and to roam around in their territory. Freeways are never bored and better utilized than their colleagues, the apartment cats. In addition, humans have less work with a cat that spends most of the day outdoors. Free-runners can pursue their curiosity without damaging precious furniture or throwing down expensive heirlooms. After an adventurous day, they are usually quiet in the house and catch up on the sleep of the day.

Clearance sharpens the senses and prevents overweight

Outside, cats have to be on their guard all the time. The frequent hunting and lurking as well as dealing with conspecifics sharpen their senses in a way that is not possible in the apartment. In addition, cats have much more freedom as a free-faller, which prevents overweight. If the diet is adapted to the needs of the free-range cat, it is very unlikely that it will get too fat. However, there are some disadvantages to the topic of health if you keep your cat as a free-lance.

Keep the cat as a freezer: disadvantages due to dangers

Especially in areas with busy roads runners run the risk of being hit by cars - so the most famous scenario. But cats sometimes disappear for other reasons. Some are looking for a new territory or suddenly feel better at the neighbors. Be aware that, if you keep your cat as a free-lance, you are in some way losing control of your pet.

But dangers also emanate from rabid conspecifics that your velvet paw can meet outside. Violations of turf warfare are not uncommon, especially among hangovers. It can sometimes be very rough when two fur noses get into the hair.

Parasites infest clearers much more frequently than domestic cats. Even awns or poisonous plants pose a danger. More in the guide: "Danger for outdoor: Caution against awns!".

In general, the life expectancy of free-range cats is lower than that of tuberculosis.

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