Irish Wolfhounds: The right care

Irish Wolfhounds are patient family dogs. Due to their size and their long fur, they also require special care. You should pay attention to the attitude and nutrition of the big greyhounds.

Clear: a lot of exercise is important for Irish Wolfhounds. But that's just a tiny aspect that you should keep in mind when taking care of the former hounds. Just as important is the fact that the dogs - especially the juveniles - have very sensitive bones. Therefore, you should make sure that your four-legged friend does not become overconfident when running, especially in the forest or on other rough terrain.

Proper care: Caution is required

Irish Wolfhounds are particularly prone to joint problems. Osteochondrosis and similar diseases are not uncommon among them. In general, you can assume that the care of this breed is much more intense than other animals.

Irish Wolfhounds: Tips on nutrition

Especially in the first two years of life, the diet is very important for the big dogs. Of course this is also related to the size - the gentle giants need a lot of energy. Make sure your diet is balanced and that you adjust your dog's movement accordingly.

Grooming made easy

Irish wolfhounds have very long coat, which also requires more intensive care. In any case, a special brush, which is intended for long-haired breeds, is important. If your four-legged friend has gotten really dirty while playing and you can not get around for a bath, be sure to pay attention to special dog shampoo. This should not affect your ears and eyes.

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