Dog with insect bite: When will it be dangerous?

In summer, your four-legged friend is quickly stung by a bee or wasp. When must a dog with an insect bite urgently go to the veterinarian and how do you realize that the bite can really be dangerous?

In general, if you are unsure, go to the vet quickly. Because a dog with an insect bite often needs medication - especially if it has an allergic reaction. If you are not sure about the symptoms, do not take any risks. Redness and slight swelling do not necessarily indicate your four-legged friend is in danger. However, if he shows symptoms of shock, it can quickly become dangerous: shortness of breath, swollen larynx, accelerated heartbeat or even unconsciousness.

Dog with insect bite: Beware of stitches in the mouth

You should be particularly careful if your dog has an insect bite in the head or even mouth area. The pricked spot swells frequently - so if the leg or back is affected, it is uncomfortable for your pet, but at best not dangerous. However, if the bee or wasp has caught the dog in the throat or even on the tongue, the mucous membranes may swell up. These can then block the respiratory system and in the worst fattening threatens the dog suffocation. A dog with an insect bite in the mouth strangles and often rattles because he can not breathe. A quick instant tip is ice cubes that help to reduce the swelling. However, a visit to the vet as soon as possible is unavoidable.

Sting of a Wasp: Twice dangerous

Especially if your dog was stung in the mouth, it is sometimes difficult to see whether the culprit was a bee or wasp. The important difference here is that a bee can sting only once and then dies. On the other hand, it can be dangerous for a wasp. If it has reached the mouth of your four-legged friend and is still alive, it can stab several times, which naturally increases the swelling and thus the danger. The physician creates a remedy here.

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