Group odor in cats: what role does he play?

If several cats live together in a multi-cat household, each velvet paw brings its own unique smell. The smell of the group is made up of the scent combination of all cats living in the household - and plays a big role in their interaction.

That cats have a strong sense of smell, is known. Odors play a crucial role in cat life, as well as in social relationships. While the individual scent of each cat is, so to speak, their identity card, the group scent is, so to speak, the calling card of the clan or of the entire feline cat. He strengthens the bonds with each other and ensures identification. However, if the smell of the group is falsified or whitewashed, problems can arise.

Group smell in a multi-cat household

Cats distribute their animal fragrances everywhere in their territory or in the apartment. Fragrance brands are not only distributed to objects such as furniture, but also to living things. Surely you've ever watched your cat rub her head against her cat friends or at you. The purpose of this headgear is to distribute the fragrances that in cats, among other things, glands in the facial area - such as on the cheek or chin - emanate.

But also by mutual brushing or rubbing together as well as by the common use of objects over time, the different fragrances of the individual cats are "mixed" into a group odor, which strengthens the bond and the sense of belonging together sustainably.

If the smell of the group is falsified or superimposed

It is problematic if the smell of the group in a multi-cat household is falsified or superimposed. This can be the case, for example, when a velvet paw comes fresh from the vet and then smells different. For the cats who were not at the vet, but were waiting at home, the smell can even be perceived as threatening and it can then come to a tangible cat fight in the group. What you can do then, read in the guide: "Cat dispute after the vet: how to avoid him."

Also, new furniture or other deviations that bring a new smell, can lead to irritation in the multi-cat household. Likewise, other disturbing odors, such as from fragrance sprays or indoor plants, can turn the olfactory harmony in the multi-cat household upside down. The good: Over time, however, these conflicts and irritations usually settle on their own, because sooner or later the group odor will regain the upper hand. For you as a cat owner it is always important to know that the smell of the community plays an important role in the household.

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