Large Family Dogs: These breeds are suitable for children

If you have children and lots of space, big family dogs are the right thing for you. These breeds with format are suitable for the special kind of the dog attitude - tips and tricks to child-loving four-legged friends can be found here.

Golden Retrievers are popular and great big family dogs. This friendly and child-friendly breed has long proven to be a great companion for the little ones. She is easy to educate, adaptable and patient. Similarly, her relative, the Labrador: He needs a lot of exercise and employment. A turbulent household with children is therefore an ideal place for the big dog.

Border collies and other big family dogs

Even Belgian Shepherds are big family dogs, who are great with children and are very active. In addition, representatives of this breed are very good guard dogs who want to protect their family in any situation.

Also a classic herding dog and also very suitable as a family pet is the Border Collie. The big four-legged friend is very smart and is happy about every job and specific task. Playing with children makes him a lot of fun - the guarding of the yard and dog sports challenge him in addition.

Bernese Mountain Dog and other big dogs for kids

The Bernese Mountain Dog is also happy about a lot of company and employment. The big Swiss are not so easy to bring out of the rest and are therefore great for dealing with children. They are considered balanced and calm, but enjoy movement and regular play. A consistent education of these animals is of course very important despite their meek character.

St. Bernards and Newfoundlanders are also gentle giants, who usually tolerate well with children. If you want even higher, you can buy a Great Dane as a family dog. These big dogs are considered patient, friendly and good-natured, people-oriented and loyal.

Large Family Dogs and Kids: General Tips

The big dogs are physically superior to smaller children in particular - while playing, romping and cuddling, the giant four-legged friends can easily upset the children. Always keep an eye on your pets so that no one accidentally gets hurt. Although dog breeds that are suitable for families are usually easier to educate than, for example, for hunting dogs, they need to learn important rules in dealing with human children.

Before purchasing, carefully inform yourself about the nature of your dream dog, special features in education and employment so that you do not experience nasty surprises afterwards. It does not always have to be large pedigree dogs that are suitable for families. Also inquire at the shelter if this kid-friendly quadruped has got there. For your children it is certainly an exciting experience to choose the new roommate together in the shelter.

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