Foods for the nutrition of young cats

For young cats, high-quality, balanced feed is very important because their metabolism has a lot to do while they are growing and being weaned from breast milk. When choosing food and feeding, you should therefore pay attention to several important things.

1. In the first four weeks: Special cat's milk for kittens

For the first four weeks of life, kittens drink only mother's milk. In exceptional cases, you may need to supplement something - for example, if the cat mother does not have enough milk for all kittens, or you have an orphaned cub at home. In these cases children need special rearing milk as a substitute for mother's milk. At about four weeks, the kitties also try a bit of real food, but are only completely dehydrated by the milk between the sixth and tenth weeks of life.

2. Nutrition of cat food: High quality food in small portions

When little kitties start to eat real food, that's a big change for them. They are very disease-prone at this time and should be supported with a good, nutritious wet food. In the nourishment phase, it makes sense to stay with the same feed brand, and to offer the little ones several times a day a small, fresh and room-warm portion. You can also mix in some ripening milk to help the kittens make the transition.

3. Pay attention to a balanced composition of the ingredients

Since kittens eat only tiny portions, their feed should be a very good source of energy and provide them with everything they need. High-quality protein, vitamins, minerals and amino acids in the right composition are indispensable for the kittens. Choose a digestible, nutritious cat food with a high meat content and no sugar for your shooters, and ask your veterinarian for advice on the right cat food.

4. Always provide enough fresh water

Food and water should always be fresh to your kitten. Exchange the food three to four times a day if something is left in the bowl, and also fill the water at least once a day. Check the water several times a day for impurities and make sure that the kittens can drink well out of the bowl †"it should be a bit shallower and wider than that for adult baby tigers.

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