Buy English Bulldog: Tips

Anyone who wants to buy an English Bulldog, decides for a fairly straightforward animal, in whose care and attitude he should still pay a lot. These include not only - as with any dog ​​- the running costs and possible vet bills.

First of all, it is important to check before purchasing if a puppy or an adult dog suits you better. Do you have enough time, experience and patience for a very young dog? Otherwise, you may be better off with a mature dog. Even in the shelter, a lot of loving dogs of this breed are constantly waiting for a nice new home - so first of all, there is never a mistake.

English Bulldog attitude: That's how she feels

The English Bulldog is a friendly, humane and moderately active animal. No wonder she is happy with this character even in a townhouse. It is important that she gets enough attention and caresses from her person. Also, living together with a conspecific from the same breed of dog, these strong four-legged usually look very much.

Many beautiful walks, the opportunity to play and cuddle with animal colleagues as well as the closeness to her loving master are very important to her. However, most bulldogs are not big cat fans - you should also keep that in mind before buying a dog.

Care and nutrition of the dog

A balanced dog diet with a high meat content is a must for the English Bulldog - but beware: The charming dog tends to overweight! He just likes to eat and knows how to convince his owner and visitor with his special dog-look that it's time for a little extra food. Here you must learn to love the health of the breed dog to stay strong.

The clean, smooth coat of the dog only has to be brushed occasionally, but the skin of the four-legged friend should be given a little more attention. If it throws wrinkles, they should be cleaned and kept dry with a soft cloth, especially in hot summer. Here infections can easily form. In addition, as some of the hereditary breeders have become infected with English bulldog breeding over the years, you should also check with your dog breeder for details on the health of the parent and the breeding guidelines.

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