Holding a snowshoe cat in an appropriate manner

The Snowshoe is a very popular housing cat - but in her attitude should definitely be considered, so that she feels comfortable. This includes their need for employment, their sensitivity and sociability.

If you want to offer this cat a species-appropriate attitude, it is important that you know their various needs very well. You should not ignore these points:

The snowshoe needs company

The beautiful relative of the Siamese cat is an incredibly affectionate velvet paw, which is unhappy when she is alone. Even if she likes to spend a lot of time with her human being, being close to her is very important to her. A cat of this breed should therefore be kept together with at least one velvet paw, which suits her well by temperament, age and character. Mostly it works well to get two siblings into the house.

Appropriate attitude: avoid boredom

Such a clever, curious and active fur nose as the snowshoe loves to be busy and sometimes to use her head. Climbing opportunities, enough exercise and daily play sessions with your owners are important to the cat. Intelligence toy like a Fummelbrett ensures that boredom is not on their daily routine.

To accept the need for rest

The Snowshoe loves it, if their owners are a lot at home - a lot of excitement but they can not stand well. In between, she likes to retire and for that she should have the appropriate opportunities, for example, a nice cuddly cave. A household in which a lot is going on, constantly visits or parties are on the agenda, are for them at all, because the snowshoe is sensitive and sensitive to noise.

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