Squirrel baby clings: Rescue in an emergency!

When a little squirrel baby clings to the legs of passers-by, it's neither an attack nor a sign of affection. This is an emergency, the pet has been under maintenance for a long time and gathers all his remaining strength to seek help. That's the best way to help the poor guy:

Under no circumstances should you shake off or ignore baby squirrels climbing or chasing after you. Carefully collect them and contact a squirrel sanctuary or vet specializing in wildlife.

Affectionate squirrel baby has no rabies!

You do not need to be afraid that the little monkeys have fallen ill with rabies and you could get infected. The oddly friendly behavior of the squirrel babies is not because they have a dangerous disease. They have mostly lost their mother and have been without food and warmth for a while. In their desperation, the croissants seek contact with humans.

Emergency or not?

If the squirrel baby climbs up on you or stubbornly pursues it, it is always an emergency. Even if the little guy is injured, overcooled or threatened by predators such as cats, dogs and corvids, it needs help. If the squirrel baby is unhurt and there are no predators nearby, you can observe it first. The squirrel's mum often comes and gathers her offspring again. If not, you should take care of the Mini Crescent and search the area for his siblings who may need help.

So help the squirrel

Baby squirrels that have clung to you need rest and warmth first and foremost. Only when little Fratz has calmed down, you should carefully feed him with a mixture of lukewarm, boiled water or fennel tea, a pinch of salt and some glucose or honey. In case of doubt as well as in an emergency, you should contact the nationwide squirrel emergency call. The number is 0700 200 200 12 or you can look on the site www.eichhörnchen-in-not.de for an emergency call in your area. If you can not reach anyone, even a veterinarian specialized in wildlife can save the foundling's life. Keep the squirrel baby warm and comfortable during transport. A soft fleece pullover is great as a pad for the transport box, and a heat pad or hot water bottle can also be helpful. The animal must not be too hot.

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