Dummy training with a dog: what is it?

The principle of dummy training is quite simple: Man throws an object, the dummy, and his dog must retrieve it and bring it back to him. The training was developed to train hounds to retrieve game.

The purpose of dummy training is not to use real game for the training of hunting dogs - practicing with a dummy is simply more animal friendly. The training is also suitable for keepers of hunting dogs who want to keep their four-legged friends as family dogs and not for hunting: Dummy training takes the dogs out and ensures that they can live out their hunting instinct - but not in the wild.

How does dummy training work?

In dummy training, humans and dogs work in a team: the dog owner throws an object that can be retrieved, the dummy. The dog must follow the flight path with his eyes, run on command and retrieve the object to bring it back to his master. As simple as that sounds, the training sessions can be designed in a different way so that it stays exciting. The training can take place anywhere: in the garden, in the forest, on the water or on the field - the more variety the environment offers the dog, the more interesting it is for him. Various tasks - such as retrieving from the bushes or from the water - make training a challenge and also optimally relieve quadrupeds with a high hunting drive.

For which dogs is the sport suitable?

Dummy training is fun for most hounds - whether they are kept as hunting or family dogs. Retrievers, for example, are made for the retrieving game, it's their absolute specialty. If they are kept as family dogs and can not live up to their hunting instincts, dummy training offers them a great opportunity to pursue their passion and keep them from other temptations.

Retrieving is usually associated with a high pace and is generally associated with a lot of exercise - this is not the right thing for every dog. The training is therefore not so good for old dogs or quadrupeds with joint problems. Small, rather unsportsmanlike four-legged friends like boobs or French bulldogs are also more enthusiastic about calmer, more leisurely sports.

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