Dogo Argentino: Typical characteristics

Although the Dogo Argentino is on the racial list in some countries, is consistent and loving education, however, a friendly and happy four-legged friends, who is even suitable as a family dog. You still need to know about the characteristics and nature of the Argentine Great Dane.

Particularly striking characteristics of this breed are their self-confidence, their courage and their endurance. The Dogo Argentino knows about his strength and is very loyal to his "pack". Reputable breeders make sure that the Argentine Great Dane has no innate aggressive potential.

Nevertheless, this active, smart dog needs a lot of work, so that no frustration builds up, which could later lead to aggressive behavior. The breed is therefore unsuitable for beginners and in the hands of experienced dog owners better off.

Dogo Argentino: hunting dog with a tendency to dominance

In his native Argentina, the Dogo Argentino was bred as a hunting dog. He does a good job of boar hunting in particular. Incidentally, his white coat also comes from his function as a hunting dog. It is easy to spot in the woods from far and different from the game, so that the hunters do not accidentally shoot at him. The Dogo Argentino usually hunts in packs, meaning that he not only has to get along well with humans, but also with other dogs, and work together peacefully.

However, this only works if you educate the Argentine Great Dane consistently in the puppy age, but without compulsion and toughness. In a good dog breeder she grows up with loving socialization, so you do not need to worry about anxious or aggressive behavior. The Dogo Argentino, however, is said to have a tendency to dominance. It can come to conflicts, especially among dogs, if the Dogo believes he has to defend his territory or his family. Particularly noteworthy in the characteristics of the breed is also their fine sense of smell. The Argentine Great Dane is an excellent track dog and loves search games and nose work, even if it is not considered a hunting dog.

The Dogo Argentino as a family dog

In fact, the Dogo Argentino is very child friendly and therefore suitable as a family dog. However, a proper employment and education are required. In addition, since the breed is very muscular and strong, it is recommended that the children are a bit bigger when the Argentinean mastiff comes into the house. With dog sport you can use the dog well, for example with agility. In addition, are good sports where your four-legged friends can use his great nose and his intelligence.

Under certain circumstances, you can use it as a rescue dog sport or have it trained as a Schutzhund. Get the best help from an experienced dog trainer. The Dogo Argentino needs a bit of variety, because to uniform training bores him quickly.

Where is the Argentine Great Dane listed as a dog?

The Dogo Argentino is on the racial list in some federal states, in Austria and in ten of thirteen cantons of Switzerland. This means, for example, that depending on the regulations in your area, your attitude may result in a higher dog tax or you may need special permission for your attitude. In Lower Austria you need proof of competence, in Vorarlberg a special permit by the mayor and in Vienna a dog handler license.

In Baden-Wuerttemberg, Bavaria, Brandenburg, Hamburg and North Rhine-Westphalia, you can keep the Dogo Argentino after passing the character test. In Berlin and Hesse, however, he is generally classified as dangerous. The other German states do not list him as a list dog. In the Swiss cantons of Valais and Geneva, husbandry, importation and breeding are prohibited. In the other eight cantons, where the dogo is considered a list dog, the attitude is possible with permission. In Denmark, husbandry, import and breeding are also prohibited.

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