Dogo Argentino educate: tips

If you want to raise a Dogo Argentino, you should be as experienced as possible in dog ownership. Because this powerhouse has its own will and requires strong leadership.

As with most breeds, you should start early if you want to raise the Dogo Argentino. Consequence is the alpha and omega if you want to work on his behavior. The breed tends to dominate, so it is very important that you quickly manifest who the master is in the house.

Educate Dogo Argentino: Experience Helps

Those who know dogs in general and the Dogo Argentino in particular, have an easier time with education. From an early age, the four-legged friends should be well socialized - both with humans and with conspecifics. Because of the already mentioned dominance, he tends to power struggles with other dogs. You should get rid of such "posturing" as soon as possible, otherwise the walks with your new pet will be a test of your nerves.

When educating your Dogo Argentino, keep in mind that he is focusing heavily on one person or "his" family. If you want to train him for certain behavior, you can take advantage of that. Also make sure that the dog does not express his innate protection and hunting drive more than you would like.

Assistance from the dog school

Since the education of this four-legged friend can not be very easy, it is advisable that you go to a dog school with the Dogo Argentino. There he learns from the professional which behavior is appropriate. In addition, the visit helps his socialization with other animals and strangers.

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