Doberman: character and characteristics of the dog

The Doberman is a tall, strong dog who has a loyal, loveable character †"but he is also alert and has a strong protective drive. In order to be a gentle, 100% reliable dog, he needs the proper and expert treatment of his master.

A well behaved Doberman is a very great dog: The powerful four-legged friend comes with a character as friendly as any other dog. His height, stature and alertness can of course make him more dangerous as an adult quadruped, than a chihuahua †"but only if he is badly trained or even trained.

The Doberman: Sensitive, loyal and smart

Adjacent, fond of children and easy-going: Thus, the tall, muscular dog shows up as a well-behaved family dog ​​lovingly guided by his close caregiver. He is sensitive, mild-mannered and tolerant of other animals when well socialized from puppy age. Teaching him something is a pleasure because he is smart, athletic, obedient and enjoys learning tricks or having fun in dog sports like agility or obedience.

Watchful and bound to one person

The Doberman is alert by nature, self-confident and undaunted. Fidelity to his person means for him also that he would always protect him †"important that he does it only if he really should and about it decides his owner, not him.

In order for these qualities not to become negative (for example, because he misjudges a situation and trusts his own feelings more than that of his owner), it is important that he has a reliable, calm, dog-loving caregiver, who knows exactly what she does in dog training.

In the following video you can see a little summary about the dog breed Dobermann:

Is the Doberman the right dog breed for you?

The Doberman is not suitable for beginners, because due to his intelligence, alertness and courage in inconsistent, insecure education, he makes his own decisions, which can sometimes be dangerous. Especially since he can inflict serious injuries with his strength and body size, he should actually bury because he believes he has to defend his family. Ideally, you bring your Doberman puppy into the house as early as eight weeks, and you immediately begin education so he knows what he is allowed to do and what not.

However, the socialization should already begin with the breeder, who makes the little puppy familiar with everyday sounds, strangers, other pets et cetera. Therefore, thorough research is necessary before you buy, so that you will not only find a serious breeder, but also one with whose breeding goals you will match. Some Doberman breeders attach more importance to alertness of the four-legged friend, others try to mate especially good-breeding Dobermans, who are then easier to train as family dogs.

A Doberman is a great breed for you if the following things apply to you:

в-Џ You have experience with dogs and their upbringing.

в-Џ You have enough time to go dog training with your Doberman and use it to your fullest potential, both mentally and physically.

в-Џ You are prepared to keep your dog in the house and not in a kennel style, so that your Doberman has a family connection and people do not develop general mistrust.

в-Џ All family members agree to the purchase of a Doberman and are ready to pull together in education and take responsibility for the four-legged friend.

в-Џ You have the opportunity to do daily long walks in nature with your dog.

в-Џ You know that in Germany, Austria and Switzerland the docking of the dog's ears and tail is prohibited under the Animal Welfare Act, leaving your Doberman his floppy ears and long tail.

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