The Christmas season is approaching: Advent calendar for cats

Cat snacks, organic food or toys: These sweet cat Advent calendar ideas have something for everyone, with the Stubentigern in the run-up to Christmas time can be made a joy.

1. 24 small gifts and snacks for cats

With this very simple cat advent calendar model, you will never get bored. It contains a variety of cat snacks and small toys. With its low price, it is a perfect little entry-level model that cat owners can make their pet a little joy day after day.

2. Decorative cat joy: Advent calendar with Christmas tree motif

If you are already diligently decorating, you will find a pretty addition to poinsettias, Advent wreaths and more in this Advent calendar with a Christmas tree motif. Behind the doors, you will find various little cat playthings, with which playful baby tigers can beautify their day. With its elegant design, the calendar is also a real eye-catcher.

3. Sweet and space-saving: The mini advent calendar

This mini advent calendar is the smallest and most handy among the four models. With dimensions of 17 x 16.8 x 7 cm, it fits in every pocket and is filled with a small selection of Christmas toys. Of course, it is also ideal as a Santa Claus or Christmas present.

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