The right transport box for cats: tips

Whether a visit to a veterinarian, a holiday or a move - in any case you need the right transport box for your cats. If it is too small, or if your tiger tiger can only be forced into the box by force, it will only cause unnecessary stress for everyone. These tips will help you choose the right box.

Transport box for cats: Which material is the right one?

They are available in different materials and designs: the transport box for cats. For young and light kittens but also carry bags made of nylon with a solid bottom. They are easy to carry and have the advantage that they can be opened both from above and from the side. For sufficient air mesh inserts. Another advantage: they are easy to clean if your stubby tiger is doing its business in a carrying case.

Closed wicker baskets, however, are only a good tip for a few fearless cats, as they can usually only be opened from the front. Not every velvet paw likes to go voluntarily in this way in her transport box. Also for the opposite way often arise problems: If the cat is scared, it is difficult to lure out of the basket again.

Tip: Plastic transport boxes are good all-rounders

Although not as attractive as their wicker counterparts, plastic transport boxes are best for most cats. They are sturdy, easy to clean and offer the great advantage that most models can be opened by a grid from the front, but also from above. So the vet no unnecessary fight is necessary.

You should pay attention to this with a transport box for cats

However, the same tips apply to all transport variants mentioned above: Choose the right size transport box for your cat. If it's too small, your pet feels cramped, which adds extra stress to your pet. Tip: Even if you choose a transport box for a still small kitten, you should choose a larger box. So the young animal does not have to get used to a new one soon, if it has become too big for them.

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