The attitude of the beautiful Abyssinian cat

Basically, the attitude of the Abyssinian cat is not complicated: it needs a lot of love, lots of space to play and a lot of time with your owner. Anyone who wants to buy a cat of this breed, should definitely remember their liveliness, the strong play instinct and their attachment.

If you want to keep the Abyssinian cat in an apartment, she needs enough space and cat-safe climbing opportunities to let off steam to their heart's content and get the workload that she needs. An apartment in which nothing should fall down, and in which there are many taboos, is not suitable for the very lively Klettermax.

The perfect home: safe and with a lot of space

Safety should be a top priority as you prepare your home for the new velvet paw: for example, you should also protect high-rise tilt windows, because the beautiful velvet paw is so curious that sometimes it comes to places that no one had expected,

Even more comfortable than in an apartment, this four-legged woman feels in a house with a garden, because her hunting and play instinct ensures that she enjoys the environment. Play a lot with her, keep her together with a conspecific and respect your strong urge to move to make this velvet paw happy.

Health and care of the Abyssinian cat

Of course, like any cat, the Abyssinian cat can get sick, but it does not have a specific cat disease, has a long life expectancy and is generally very robust. You can do your part by paying attention to a healthy, balanced diet. She is a slender cat whose delicate joints are not made for obesity. Therefore, despite your charming way of claiming a few extra snacks, you should be careful not to overfeed them.

The hair care of this short-haired cat is quite simple: brushing her once a week is perfectly fine and can be easily combined with her beloved pats.

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