Diet for dogs: Does Barfen help against obesity?

A successful diet for dogs aims to reduce the number of calories in food without, however, saving important nutrients and proteins. Barfen can help with overweight, as you can assemble the raw meat feeding individually for the needs of your dog. What you should pay attention to, we tell you here.

Important for a dog diet is that it should be as high in protein as possible, but low in calories. This also applies to barefoot overweight. Because the dog gets too few proteins on the food, he not only reduces excess fat, but also muscle mass. However, muscle mass is essential to keep your dog healthy, fit and able to maintain his weight later.

Overweight in the dog - an underestimated problem

In a normal weight dog, you can easily feel the ribs that are under a layer of fat. If this is not the case, then the fat layer is clearly too thick and your dog is overweight. Special breeds such as Labradors, Retrievers or Cocker Spaniels as well as castrated dogs are prone to quickly form fat deposits on their ribs.

The consequences of being overweight can be cardiovascular problems or liver diseases for the four-legged friends. That's why it's especially important to fight the excess kilos. Barfen, a method of dog nutrition that relies on fresh meat feeding, can be an option. But before that it says: off to the vet!

Dog food to the vet

It is advisable to visit a veterinarian, who specializes in dog nutrition, in front of the dog diet with your four-legged friend. He can calculate the ideal weight for your dog and how much food he should get daily to lose weight.

Anyone who tries to do so as a layman can do much wrong through ignorance. This can lead to diet-related deficiency symptoms. It is also possible that the dog increases again after the diet because he has lost too much muscle. As a result, it consumes fewer calories than a fit, healthy animal.

The veterinarian can advise you what nutrients your dog needs and how you can give it to the barefeet. The dog diet may possibly be supplemented with dietary supplements if the raw meat diet alone does not provide all the vitamins and minerals.

So that it does not lead to incorrect dosages, discuss this possibility in advance with the vet and adhere exactly to his specifications or to his diet plan for your dog.

Fight overweight with Barfen

The advantage of barefoot is that you can better than in industrially manufactured complete feed survey what ends up in the dog bowl. In this way, the dog diet can be personalized and adjusted to the needs of the respective four-legged friends.

This will make it easier for you to make sure that your dog gets high-quality protein through good meat and fresh fish. But you must really meticulously stick to the Barf specifications from the veterinarian and best lead a feeding plan, what your dog eats - so also treats, chewing bones and Co. note.

At the bar, the carbohydrate intake can be reduced well. Carbohydrates contain as many calories per gram as proteins, but are not so much needed by the dog. Therefore, it is advisable to reduce the amount of calories in the feed by saving carbohydrates.

In addition to fresh meat and fish, the barf can be varied with vegetables such as spinach or carrots. When overweight especially papaya and pineapple are suitable. The fruits contain enzymes that help the animal to better absorb the proteins in the food. Flea and linseed, on the other hand, provide a better satiety. Artichoke leaves have a positive effect on the blood fat levels of the dog and help with digestive problems.

In addition, do not completely skimp on fats and oils at Barf - they may be useful for your dog despite being overweight. Ask your veterinarian here too, which fats in which amount are good for your dog.

No dog diet without exercise

In addition to the dog nutrition it comes in a diet on a sufficient movement of the quadruped. Sufficient outlet is important for the dog to lose weight. This can be extended to long walks, fun game sessions or a visit to a dog school. The advantage: once the dog is busy, there is no boredom and he is less likely to eat more than he is good at.

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