Great Dane and Danish Mastiff: Where is the difference?

Are the Great Dane and the Danish Mastiff the same breed? To answer the question of a possible difference, we have to look at the history of the animals.

The Great Dane, as we know it today, goes back to the ancient Roman mastiffs. Later, the Irish Wolfhound was crossed. The Danes were mainly used as hunting dogs.

Great Dane: breed standard in history

The first German dog show took place in 1863 - dogs of the breed Danish Dane and Ulmer Dogge were presented there. The first type, also called "Great Dane" (English: Great Dane) called, was usually from Denmark and northern Germany. In contrast, the Ulm Great Dane was characterized by a slightly higher weight. In 1880, a new, comprehensive breed name was introduced: the Great Dane. In Germany, this term is still recognized today, while in the United States, England and Scandinavia, for example, the name "Great Dane" is used.

Danish mastiff: difference to the German variant

There are differences in the two breed standards: The Great Dane and the Danish Dane each have different color specifications, which are necessary for official recognition. Even today, the "Great Dane" is a bit sportier and less massive than the breed based in this country. The heads are usually smaller and daintier. In contrast, the Great Dane usually has a beefier head with a shorter snout and long lips.

In the following video you can see a little race portrait about the Great Dane:

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