Great Dane: Tips for Attitude

The Great Dane is a friendly, affectionate and spirited dog. For the attitude of this four-legged friend you need time and space.

If you want to buy a Great Dane, you should consider a few things. Because the attitude of this very special breed is not very straightforward. The most important factor is time. Representatives of this kind are reluctant to be alone and often show great affection towards their person. So, if you have a full-time job and plan to leave your dog alone at home all day long, let it be your finger on the Great Dane.

Attitude: time and space are the nuts and bolts

For a position in the apartment, this breed is of course also not suitable. Due to their massive size, you need a lot of space. Spout is equally important. The Great Dane usually has a very temperamental character. Although she is usually good-natured and nice - especially to children - but sometimes she is a bit cocky. Of course, this is especially the case if she does not get enough exercise. Precisely because of their size, impeccable education is very important.

Great Dane: sensitive bones

The health of this dog you have to be very careful in the attitude. The Great Dane tends to have a variety of diseases - especially her bones are quite sensitive. During the growth phase, she should not climb stairs: This can strain the bones and joints of the big four-legged friends too much. Also a typical possible disease in dogs of these sizes are, for example, stomach rotations and hip dysplasias.

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