German Wirehaired Hair: Optimal housing conditions

The Deutsch Drahthaar is a hunting dog, which also needs the appropriate housing conditions. He feels most comfortable in the hands of hunters and a nice family connection. What you should pay attention to, read here.

Despite its friendly, social and easily educated nature, the German Wirehaired is not a beginner dog. Normally it is given only to hunters, because it belongs in the hands of owners who are familiar with hunting dogs. Either he should, according to his passion, be taken for hunting, or have owners who know how important it is to channel the hunting drive of the dog.

Attitude with a lot of exercise and employment

The German wirehaired hair is happy only if there is enough exercise, because it has a lot of energy, likes to run and needs the opportunity to explore the area. This may be as varied as possible for him. Whether water, field or forest: The German Drahthaar loves great walks. That he does not become self-employed at the sight of game, is the responsibility of the owner and should be planned with a good education in advance.

German Wirehaired Hair: No housing dog

The dog needs a task that fits in with his intelligence, his need for movement and his great staying power. Clever as he is, he installs lightning-fast all sorts of new tricks.

In no case you should do it to the attitude as a housing dog, because he is not suitable for it and would not only be bored boredom not unhappy, but also likely to acquire behavioral abnormalities. With a correct attitude, however, he is very strong in nature, balanced, robust and not particularly susceptible to disease.

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