German Wirehaired Hair: Hunting dog with character

The Deutsch Drahthaar is a friendly hunting dog with a lively, enduring character. He is bursting with energy, but is also a reliable, well-balanced family dog ​​if he is in the right posture.

The Deutsch Drahthaar is a typical hunting dog with a lot of persistence and stamina. In the hunt he shows full of zeal and commitment, is curious, alert and attentive. His character is drawn above all by his intelligence and his will to work.

German Wirehaird: Clever, enthusiastic about learning and being strong in nature

The Deutsch Drahthaar is incredibly clever and will surprise its owners time and again with how quickly and eagerly he learns new things. For this reason, he is quickly challenged and is a four-legged friend who loves the variety. A task suits his docile, industrious nature very much - especially if he is not kept as a hunting dog, but as a companion dog.

His balanced nature is also typical of the hunting dog with the wiry coat. He has a high self-confidence, is strong in nerves and is hardly afraid of anything. Aggressiveness is not at all its nature, only a bit stubborn the dog can be now and then - after all, he is a workhorse, not a pet dog.

Friendly to humans and animals

Deutsch Drahthaar loves its people and attaches great importance to the integration into the family. Even children, he is a friendly, patient and faithful game partner. He is not a bit resentful, but still no dog for beginners - just like all other hunting dogs too.

The four-legged fellow with hunting passions usually behaves socially and friendly to other quadrupeds, he often shows a little cool distance to strangers and is very vigilant, but not unfriendly.

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