The Whippet: A lively greyhound

Topped outside and calm and balanced inside: The Whippet is a dog with an interesting character. Above all, lovers of the elegant breed appreciate their gentle, affectionate and affectionate nature.

As a greyhound, the petite four-legged friend from the UK is lightning-fast and often a gifted hunter. His friendly and very adaptable nature, however, makes him a popular companion and family dog.

The Whippet and his character

The delicate Whippet is a particularly human-related dog that likes to cuddle. He likes to be pampered and to be the center of attention - being intrusive is not his art at all. Sensitive, affectionate and affectionate, he is a nice family dog, who shows his meek nature to children and other pets, such as cats,

He likes to play, but shows himself in the house or the apartment but usually very quiet, cuddly and in need of warmth.

A sporty, easily educated dog

Lightning-fast and super-sporty, like the Whippet, it becomes a little whirlwind outside. He needs a lot of movement and can also have a more or less pronounced hunting drive. If he is allowed, he makes a good pace - on the walk as on the racetrack.

The smart, very adaptable dog, however, is usually never difficult to control. He is easily educated and remembers when he is not allowed to - provided, of course, he is balanced and gets enough employment. Overall, he is very easy-care and adaptable. Even if his appearance does not suggest it at first glance, he is confident and robust. All in all, the Whippet is a dog with which you can go through thick and thin!

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