The Mastiff and its claims to attitude

The Mastiff is a calm, laid-back dog who is quite straightforward in attitude. Still, before you buy, think twice about whether such a big, big four-legged friend is right for you and whether you can offer him everything he needs.

Normally, the mastiff is now considered a family dog ​​- no wonder, since it is wonderfully suited for its serenity, child-friendliness and willingness to take good care of its people.

House with garden: Perfect for the mastiff

The affectionate, family-friendly Mastiff is an attitude in which he can spend a lot of time with his people, preferably. In the house he should have enough space, because with a shoulder height of up to 80 cm, he is of course not very small. You should also think about a correspondingly large dog basket, bowls and Co. before your new pet moves in.

It is wonderful if you have a fenced garden. In it, your dog can play, romp, enjoy the sun, and do everything his dog heart desires. Of course, he also takes care of you, your family and your home. The Mastiff is attentive and would in the greatest need even calm down his calmness and serenity if someone threatens his people.

What else is important in the attitude?

The Mastiff may not be the sportiest dog - but it still makes fun, just like nice, leisurely walks through woods and meadows. Whatever comes to your mind, a well-socialized representative of this breed is hardly upsetting. Noise, stress and other animals are not usually a reason to bark at this four-legged friend.

In addition, the dog is very robust, which you can still support with a healthy dog ​​nutrition and regular veterinary visits. Take care that your four-legged friend does not get overweight, because he has enough kilos to carry around anyway. If it is too heavy, this not only burdens the bone, but also makes it sluggish and sluggish.

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