Help the cat to lose weight: 3 diet tips

A diet means a big change for your cat. If you've decided on a slimming plan for your Moppelmiez with your vet, the first important step has already been taken. But what else can you do to keep your fur nose off?

In order for your cat to lose weight and the diet to succeed, it needs to consume fewer calories than it consumes. It works the other way round, too. As your cat consumes more calories than it consumes, it also loses weight.

1. Motivate cat to exercise more

You can support the diet of your velcro ball through movement. Too thick cats become sluggish and lazy, so you need a bit of persuasion at the beginning. Take your time to play extensively with your fur mollusk.

Try if your velvet paw can be seduced by catnip or hops in the toy to more movement. Maybe she also enjoys retrieving or light-and-shadow hunting games. Try a little, how you can drive your cat out of boredom.

2. Avoid boredom when dieting

In general, it is important that your cat is sufficiently busy and not bored to lose weight. Otherwise, it can happen that your chubby fur nose eats out of boredom and may even steal even titbits. Especially domestic cats are susceptible to boredom because they can not let off steam outside.

With a beautiful scratching post, lots of play options and little puzzles that will boost your cat's intelligence, you can do a lot to keep it from being distracted by its frugality. If you are holding a single cat, a second cat may make sense. Then your Miez has a playmate, even when you're not home.

3. Fixed meal times for your cat

In addition, it helps your dieting diet, if you introduce fixed mealtimes. This allows you to keep a better eye on your calorie intake. Feed only at these fixed times and not otherwise, no treats. Once your cat has regained a healthy weight, you can occasionally allow her a small snack. But then she has to save extra calories elsewhere, for example through an extra round of play.

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