Educate the English Setter: tips

The education of the English setter is usually uncomplicated. This makes him, despite his hunting instinct, a dog that is also suitable for less experienced dog owners. You should pay attention to this.

The English Setter is a friendly, gentle and human-related dog. Anyone who wants to get up to their education, will experience an animal that likes to join in and quickly understand what is required of him.

English Setter: An uncomplicated dog

The pretty hunting dog with the fine nose is very receptive to a loving education. Anyone who deals too hard with him, on the other hand, jeopardizes the willingness to cooperate of the four-legged friend - so simply put your goals in the education clear and convey it to your pet from the beginning gently and consistently. The setter has no problem with being guided by humans and usually shows no inclination to dominate.

When it comes to the socialization of the dog, its owners will soon realize that your pet will not cause you any trouble. He is simply friendly by nature and copes well with humans and animals. Just make sure that he knows everything from an early age, what he encounters later in his everyday life and that, if possible, he does not have any bad experiences.

Possible difficulties in education

A small problem with this dog is his slight tendency to stubbornness. If he shows this trait, it is up to his master to remind him lovingly and consistently about who makes the rules and who has to adhere to them.

There are English setters with a less pronounced hunting stance and those with a strong hunting instinct - in both cases it is important that your dog listens well to you and that you have a good view of it when going for a walk. If you find that your four-legged friend tends to listen more to his hunting instinct than to you and sets off on your own, you should get support in his upbringing, for example, through a dog trainer.

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