Keeping Degus suitable for the species: set up a cage for the rodents

If you want to keep Degus species-appropriate, you should always buy several Degus, because the social animals alone on their own. Particularly important is the species-appropriate Degu enclosure. Find out more about the rodent cage and its equipment here.

In order for your degus to be fine, both the size of the enclosure and the interior must be right. The fur noses coming from Chile need the necessary items of the basic equipment as well as many play and retreat possibilities.

How big does a degu enclosure have to be?

In order to keep Degus species-appropriate, you must provide for a suitable enclosure already before the purchase. This should be big enough - as a rule of thumb: Plan at least two square feet of floor space for a smaller group (2-4 animals), which is really only the minimum size. A "too big" does not exist. At best, the enclosure has several floors connected by ladders and bridges. As for the cage type, you can think about a large cage with metal braces or a glass aquarium.

Keep in mind that Degus are extremely nagefreudig and can nibble both wood and plastic - so a robust frame is just as important as a stable floor pan. Normal plastic tubs do not usually prevent the smart chileans from breaking out. If your degu cage has metal braces, make sure they are tight enough. If a degu with its head passes between two lattice struts, the lattice spacing is too large. Tip: Get well advised in the specialized trade.

Keeping Degus suitable for the species - basic equipment of the Degu cage

The basic equipment of the Degu home has the most important items in terms of nutrition, retreat, hygiene and employment. This includes:

• Stable food bowl

• Potions

• Sand bath (for grooming)

• Small animal litter

• Hay baptism

• Sleeping house or sleeping houses made of sturdy material such as stone

• Creative furnishings and game elements

As for the last point, you can let your imagination run wild as a degu-keeper, provided you observe certain safety concerns. Furnishings and play elements such as tubes, ceramic caves, corridors, impeller (please big enough!) And climbing opportunities should definitely come into the enclosure, if you want to keep your Degus appropriate and appropriate.

At best, do not use plastic as the nagefreudigen animals nibble this quickly and thereby can swallow sharp or pointed small parts. You probably need to replace wooden equipment after some time, because this regular nibbling attacks is also suspended. Pointy objects such as nails or sharp edges have lost nothing in the enclosure. In the video you will find more tips and ideas about the Degu enclosure and conservation:

The right location for the degu enclosure

In addition to size and equipment, the location is also crucial for the welfare of your rodents. Please do not place the enclosure in the vicinity of electrical appliances such as a music system or TV - the noise would massively disturb the sensitive eavesdroppers of the Degus. A special feature of the animals is that they are diurnal, unlike most other rodents. Therefore, they need plenty of daylight - it is ideal if the enclosure is in a location that has both light and shady corners. Important: In summer you have to make sure that the enclosure does not heat up too much. If the site is exposed to too much direct sunlight, the animals may be in heat stroke. Oh, and please do not smoke in the room where your degus are.

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