The essence of the Nebelung cat

The Nebelung cat is a beautiful velvet paw whose nature is just as special as its blue-gray coat color. We would like to describe typical characteristics of her character and special demands on her species-appropriate home in the following.

The Nebelung cat feels most comfortable in quiet households. A lot of bustle, constantly incoming and outgoing guests or loud children play stress for most of the breeders and they are not very fond of them.

Calm and careful: the Nebelung cat

As a daredevil you really can not call the Nebelung cat. She likes to be calm and wants to be treated just as gently as she is to her human.

What she likes are caresses and one or two people, to whom they hang their hearts and whom they can rely on. It is nice if she is not alone, has a conspecific and gets a lot of attention from her owners. She needs her caregivers and, once she has found them, shows herself to be loyal, affectionate, smart, curious and with a very playful nature.

Very important for the elegant velvet paw: A stress-free home

What the Nebelung even less, as most other cats, are stress and changes. Anyone who acquires a Nebelung cat must give her time and should not push her to anything. It takes a little longer than other quadrupeds to get used to new environments and new people - a change of ownership would be very difficult for them to cope with.

Therefore, people who purchase a cat of this breed should consider carefully whether they can be fair to a stub tiger with such sensitive beings throughout their lives and provide them with a peaceful home with a great deal of affection.

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